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Read first:


What should I say about me? Ah, I hate such things but yet I will try it though.

I am interested in many things such like music, sports, books, travelling, concerts, ...

About a few persons (one am I into from head to tiptoe) am I kinda fangirling - even in my age - and knowing full well that this is just dreaming. I'm standing my ground in real life.

Of course am I aware that my music taste is a bit...weird...but heh - who says I should love just one genre?

I don't care if we share the same interests in music, movies, sports etc. if we get along well, I am pleased to know you.

Usually am I an easygoing, openminded person who loves to meet people from all over the globe. But for a few months I'm feeling like I am going to loose myself a bit.

There are many people claiming the right "to be, who they are" and I fully accept their claiming but they also should accept that I am not like them and for heavens sake won't change into what they think would fit me/ them perfectly. I won't be a party to that! I hate the fact to say it out loud - but I am at my limits with everything!

I won't be rushed. Noone has to get bossy on me for what I like or what I love!

This may sound rude now, but honestly I felt the urge to say so...and if I stepped onto your feet with that - feel free to leave.

No Music No Life ♥



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